Sunday, March 7, 2010

My First Blog

Hello everyone! This is my first blog. Sorry I've been slacking, but I'm making up for it now. My name is Alexander, but everyone calls me Alex (except Mom; she calls me Bug). I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a super fun baby and so far pretty agreeable. I'm still working on sleeping through the night without waking up to eat. I just can't help it. Sometimes, it's 2am and I wake up and think, "Dang! I need some milk... NOW! I just cannot wait until 6am. No way!" So then I start wailing and Mom feeds me. But once I'm done I can go right back to sleep.

In general, I'm a very agreeable baby. I don't really like to be in a room by myself, but as long as I can see Mom or Jackson, I don't get too lonely. Today I've been playing a fun game with Mommy. It's called, "How many diapers can I use in one day?" This is how it works. I poop in my diaper, then immediately start crying. See, unlike my older brother who could care less, I HATE for my diaper to be dirty for even a second. So, Mom changes my diaper. Then I wait about 5 minutes and poop again. Mommy is a pretty smart cookie, so she doesn't change me right away. Instead she distracts me and waits 10 minutes to make sure I'm ALL the way done pooping. THEN she changes my diaper. Little does she know, I was tricking her! Yep, wait 2 minutes and poop again. See how fun?

Mommy is telling me that we're going to go on an airplane soon. But she's been saying that for weeks, so I don't know what HER definition of soon is. I can't wait to meet all of the family I keep hearing about. Jackson assures me that everyone is nice and I'll have a fun time. And Mommy says, "Please sleep on the plane!" We'll see what kind of mood I'm in when the time comes.

I've started a new habit of sucking on my fist. I can't quite figure out how to stick my thumb out, but I just suck on the side of my fist instead. I don't really like those green rubber things Mom keeps trying to give me very much. But every now and then I tolerate one.

Well, that about sums up my introduction. Look for my next blog some time in the future!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life as a "single" Mom

Mike is deployed. He volunteered to go since we knew he'd go in May if he didn't go now. I'd rather him be gone while Alex is still LITTLE little, instead of being 4 months older. So while we decided this would be better, I'm still missing him. He's been gone a month, and it definitely doesn't feel like that long, so maybe the next few months will go by quickly, too.

I'm planning a trip home while he's gone. We're having a little bit of a tough time getting on a flight, but that's how it goes when you're flying "Space A". I'll gladly deal with the hassle to save thousands of dollars on a commercial ticket. Hopefully we'll get on a flight soon.

The boys. Oh my, how they are growing. Alex is smiling and laughing (and I can't get enough of that!) Jackson is making strides in language and is using complete sentences most of the time, now. He's also learned how to open doors, which is a joy. Last night he woke up at 2 and wanted to come in my bed. I told him no and put him back in his. He cried a few times and I went back in and calmed him down. I fell asleep at 3 (after nursing Alex) thinking Alex was fed, happy and back asleep and Jackson was asleep in his bed. I woke up at 5 and Jackson was in my bed with me. I'm not sure if I agreed to that or not. I definitely didn't do it consciously.

My life is full of little stories like that. It is definitely difficult being the only parent. We stay busy, so that helps, but there are some times where I just really could use a little break. An hour to go to the commissary by myself. I do have great friends and support here, but it's not the same as having Mike. Part of me really REALLY misses him. And part of me just ignores that and focuses on our routine. One day at a time. But I knew what I signed up for when I married him. This is part of being a military spouse, and even with the deployments, I absolutely love that "job"!

I'll be glad when we're back in the states and I can stop worrying about how we're going to get there. Until then, keep your fingers crossed for us!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tokyo Disneyland

Mike decided on Tuesday that if he could get off work on Thursday we should go to Disney. He found out on Wednesday that he would indeed be off work, so we planned to leave early-ish on Thursday for Tokyo.

The weather

The forecast online said overcast in the morning, 20% chance of rain in the afternoon. But the high was supposed to be 56. We decided to just chance it. We figured Jackson wouldn't make it much past 2 or 3 without a nap and he refuses to nap in his stroller, so there was very minimal chance of a nap. So even if it did rain in the afternoon, we wouldn't be out much. We got out of the car when we got there and it was SO windy and pretty chilly. We all had on sweatshirts but everyone around us had on winter coats. I was concerned. But we weren't that cold, and I managed to make a blockade out of my wrap around Alex's canopies, so he wasn't getting any wind. It rained around 1, and we ate lunch. By the time we were done eating, it was done raining. Score!

The drive
We didn't get to the Yujo for a map the night before in time before they closed. But no big deal, they're supposed to open at 8 according to the website and we were planning on leaving at 8. I printed a smaller version off of the website just in case. We got to the Yujo to find out they don't actually open until 10. Bummer. Mike was skeptical but I thought we could do it with the small map. There was one minor hiccup in my navigating at the very beginning, but I managed to convince him to just try it. We didn't get lost AT ALL after that. We had a little trouble finding our way OUT of the park, but after about 10 minutes I figured it out and we were on our way. It took about an hour and a half to get there, and about an hour 10 to get home. That is AWESOME time since it is supposed to take around 2 hours.

The characters
When we got into the park, there were some characters right at the entrance. Jackson was pretty unsure at first, but eventually went up to them (with some coaxing from Mike). Later in the day we saw the three little pigs. He was pretty interested in them, but still a little timid. Then as we were walking away, the big bad wolf came up to us. Mike was holding Jackson and Jackson was pretty scared. He acted like he was eating Mike and Jackson (which we do ALL the time at home and Jackson thinks is hilarious). Not so much a fan of that. Then he "licked" me, and Jackson was not impressed by that at all either. Pretty much a failure since he was so scary. But the other ones were pretty cool.

The rides
Some rides were closed, some Jackson was too little for, and some had too long of a wait. The ones we missed out on:
Alice's Tea Party (Mike just didn't want to do it)
Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes
Big Thunder Mountain
Chip 'N Dale's Treehouse
Donald's Boat
Gadget's Go Coaster
Goofy's Bounce House
Grand Circuit Raceway
Haunted Mansion
Mark Twain Riverboat
Pirates of the Caribbean
Space Mountain
Splash Mountain
Star Tours
Swiss Family Treehouse
Tom Sawyer Island Rafts
Westerland Shootin' Gallery
Western River Railroad

Wow, I didn't realize how much we missed. We'll definitely have to go back!

We got to do something called Alternate Ride. Basically since there were a lot of things Alex couldn't ride, Mike and Jackson would ride first, then Jackson and I would go to the front of the line and ride again. He got kind of spoiled getting to ride everything twice, but whatever. Of course explaining to the ride attendants at the beginning what we were trying to do was pretty difficult. After a few rides we figured out there were tickets they were supposed to fill out at the beginning of the line. That made it easier so Alex and I didn't have to stand in line with them. Then when they came out the exit, Jackson and I would just go back in through the exit and give them the ticket. It worked out pretty well. Every ride was a new ordeal with having to explain to them what we wanted, but by the second or third ride we had a good system down by pointing to Mike and Jackson, then making a circling motion for "ride", then pointing to me and Jackson, and repeating the circling motion. Then saying, "Change." They all figured it out eventually!

The ones we got to do:
Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters. My favorite ride by far. There were guns in your car that you used to shoot these Z things throughout the ride and you got a score. You also had a joystick to rotate your car around. This was one Alex could ride, so I got to shoot one handed, but didn't have another hand to turn my car with. I got 5,500 points. Mike got 35,000. Jackson got 4,500 I think.
Castle Carousel. Jackson said, "Ride horses. Horses go up and down." I think he rode it 4 times total.
Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Oh geez. The elephants. It was the first thing we rode. And he ended up riding it 4 or 5 times by the end of the day. Even at 2 when we'd been there for 6 hours, he'd get off a ride and say, "Go ride more elephants?" We had to go back to that corner of the park so we could ride them again in the afternoon.
The Enchanted Tiki Room. Bo-ring. All the shows were in Japanese. Alex started screaming in this one so I had to feed him. But my nursing cover was in the diaper bag, in the stroller, outside the theater. Oh well, I improvised.
It's A Small World. Actually a pretty good ride. Long-ish, but still okay. And one Alex could ride.
Jungle Cruise. So-so. One thing that is the same worldwide (apparently) is that the cruises like that involve lots of corny jokes and silliness. And it was again, in Japanese. There was one part that was kind of interesting though. There were hyenas, zebras, monkeys, lions, etc. all throughout the ride. The lion display was three females and one male. But they were standing over a dead zebra. A bit intense for little kids if you ask me.
Mickey's House and Meet Mickey. Of course Mickey can't just walk around the park like the other characters or he'd be getting accosted everywhere he went. So they have a specific place where you go through Mickey's house and at the end is the line to wait to meet Mickey. We skipped it earlier in the day but decided to suck it up and wait the 20 minutes later because Jackson had been pretty excited about seeing him. At the end of the line you're in a theater where they show old Mickey cartoons (in Japanese of course). Then they let you in the room with Mickey 6 or 7 at a time. One thing that surprised us was the pictures. They sell pictures of you with Mickey in a little cardboard frame. Since they sell them we figured no way were they going to let us take pictures with our camera. But not only did they let us, they did it for us. We got a pretty good one of the four of us with Mickey.
Minnie's House. Ah. Whatever. You just walked through Minnie's house. Would've been interesting to a 5+ girl, but not a 2 year old boy.
Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek! Pretty good. You got flashlights in your car that shown different characters. Jackson really liked the lights.
Peter Pan's Flight. Kinda scary. Lots of darkness, but a pretty cool ride overall.
Pinocchio's Daring Journey. Again, a little intense. But still interesting. Jackson was freaked out by the whale and scooted closer and held my hand for pretty much the last half of the ride.
Pooh's Hunny Hunt. AWESOME. There weren't tracks. I guess magnets? Your car spun and moved on the floor to show you different parts of the ride. There were black lights, and mirrors, and a spot where they showed you film of tigger and your car bounced. We got fastpass for this one, so we didn't wait very long at all.
Roger Rabit's Car Toon Spin. Another one where you had some control over your car. Just a wheel in the middle that you could use to turn your car to face different directions. Or spin around and around and around like the tea cups. It was very cartoon-y and not scary for once.
Snow White's Adventures. Holy crap. TOO SCARY. It was the first indoor ride we did (right after the elephants and the horses). After Mike rode it, he was going to tell me that once was enough, but Jackson said he wanted to go again. After I got done riding it with him, Mike and I talked about how it was probably going to give him nightmares. I had nightmares after seeing the movie, and this was way scarier than that for sure.
"Super Duper Jumpin' Time". It was a show, the first one we watched. It was alright. It probably was awesome for the people who could understand what they were saying. They had an area for the kids to sit on the ground up front, then benches for the parents around the edges. Jackson was back and forth 10 times between sitting with the kids and sitting with us. And when he was up with the kids, they'd all stand up and he'd stand up with them. But when they sat down, he still stood and jumped around. Of course he couldn't understand any of the instructions, but it was kinda cute.

Other stuff

We figured we'd get to the park at 10 when they opened. Despite leaving later than we thought and taking the wrong route once, we still got there at 9:45. We got our tickets and were in line before the park opened. We also thought we'd leave no later than 3. We thought that would be about when Jackson hit the wall. We left at 7 when they closed. He just kept going and going and going. He's usually in bed at 6. So not only was he up WAY later than usual, he did it without a nap. And a great attitude. No tantrums, no meltdowns. One minor incident of not listening that required a time out at dinner. But at that point, I would've expected a lot worse! I was so proud of how well he behaved. And I told him so frequently throughout the day.

We decided he could have one souvenir for the day. So the very last thing we did before we left the park was to go into the Toy store and let him pick one out. Which was a process. Do you like Pooh better, or Mickey? Pooh or Tigger? Tigger or Minnie? etc. etc. etc. He ended up with Eeyore. Seriously? What weird kid picks EEYORE? Not Pooh, Tigger, Mickey.... Eeyore. Whatever. He held it the whole way home and slept with it last night.

Overall it was one of the best times I've had. Amusement parks are so much more fun with kids. It was so fun to see how Jackson would react to everything. And how excited he got over seeing characters and the fun he had on the rides.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Quick update since it's been a month.

The other day on the phone Char asked me if we switched sites for the blog since they hadn't gotten an email telling them there was a new post in a while. Um, nope. Just haven't done a post in a while. Oops. But I'm on it now!

First, pictures. I'm putting some pictures and videos on Facebook. But our new site where I'm loading everything is shutterfly. They have free unlimited pictures and up to 10 videos. I'll just delete the oldest video when I'm ready to put the next one up. Here's the address: There's also an option to put journal entries on that page so if I end up really liking it, I may stop using this one so everything's in one place. You can also order pictures straight off their site to be delivered or picked up at Target and they're pretty inexpensive.

So what all has happened in the last month? It doesn't feel like it's been that long since Alex was born. Seems like just last week we were coming home from the hospital. On the other hand, it seems like we've been a family of 4 forever. I went to the commissary alone today and it felt very weird to not be holding a hand, pushing a stroller, or wearing a baby in a wrap. And I made it in and out in record time.

Alex is now holding his head up and making good use of his tummy time mat. Jackson HATED it and we would have to just deal with the fact he was going to fuss when we put him down there and just try not to let him get TOO upset. Alex doesn't mind it at all. He hangs out and does some good work for 10-15 minutes before he starts fussing. That's pretty much been the pattern for everything though. Alex is much easier going than Jackson was and I didn't think that was possible. He does spit up (okay throws up) a lot, but that should die down the bigger he gets. But it does mean lots of extra laundry in the mean time. One thing they have in common is not liking bubbles in their tummies. Jackson was impossible to burp. Alex burps a little easier, but it's gotten harder over the last week or so. And he is pretty unhappy if I don't get all the air out. He sleeps in his bouncy seat so he's on an incline.

Jackson got re-tested for speech therapy and tested out of the program. We're still in contact with the speech therapist so she can keep an eye on a few areas. If anything doesn't improve like it should by the time he's 2 1/2 or if something gets worse, we can go back to regular therapy sessions. But for now he's in the clear and tested at or above normal in all but one area and he was within the normal range for that.

Jackson is also learning new things at an incredible rate. He's counting to 7 now with a little help, and starting to learn his ABCs. It seems like every day he shocks me with something he knows that I didn't expect him to. Today I came home with a cheese slicer from the BX. He saw me taking it out of the packaging and said, "Want some cheese please." We've never had a cheese slicer before so I have no idea how he knew what it was. Especially since when I asked Mike, he had no clue what it was for.

He's also growing almost visibly. He can now push the down button on the elevator (and loves to have the privilege of doing so for us). And the other day he was supposed to be napping but was messing around in his room instead and Mike and I were in the living room. All of a sudden he appears out of nowhere and says, "No nap." We were both too stunned to tell him no so we just let him stay up. There hasn't been a repeat performance yet but it won't be long at all before he's opening doors all over. And Mike taught him how to open the fridge so he gets his own milk out now, too. My baby is definitely a little boy now!

Mike has been staying busy studying for his test for the next rank (Master Sergeant). And also training for the Frostbite Half-Marathon next month. He's had to take some unexpected breaks for injuries and illnesses, plus he took a week off when Alex was born. Hopefully he'll be ready in time. Jackson loves riding in the jogging stroller for Mike's long runs. The distance doesn't matter; he always has fun. Except the last time. It was a 10-mile run, which wouldn't have been a problem, except it was pretty cold out. Despite 3 layers, extra warm socks, mittens, and a hat, Jackson got REALLY cold. He did NOT like that! So he'll have to stick to shorter runs only until it warms up outside.

I've been busy but with nothing to really show for it. I try to stay on top of the housework and have done a decent job the last few weeks. But that's only because Mike's been helping me. It surprised me a little how big of an adjustment it was for me to go from one baby to two. I'll probably be able to get more accomplished once Alex isn't nursing every 3-4 hours anymore. But that ties up a lot of my day at the moment. It is pretty helpful that Mike is on swing shift (second) and works 3pm-11pm. I can get stuff done during the day and he's here to help me with the boys. I got sucked into the Twilight series so I did lose a week there where all I did was read and I totally ignored any housework that wasn't 100% necessary.

I got my stent taken out yesterday at a hospital off base. The doctor was nice (I think) and I was definitely glad to have a translator. They do things much differently at Japanese hospitals than they do in the states. It was kind of interesting to see their processes here though. And I'm VERY glad to be stent-free and completely finished with the whole thing. The CT I had done at the beginning of the month showed a few small stones, but those were on my right side and my stent was on the left. They were small enough to pass so they may actually be gone already. I likely wouldn't notice them passing except for maybe some minor pain.

In other health care news, Jackson had to go to urgent care last week. When I put him down for his nap I had Alex in one arm, and used the other hand to put Jackson in his bed. I picked him up by his hand and dislocated his elbow in the process. He'd been sick and whiny and fussy so I didn't know I'd done anything to him since he didn't seem any fussier than he'd been the last few days. He took a nap (!) and when he woke up he wouldn't use his left arm. A few tests (give me five, raise your arms over your head) and we knew something wasn't right. So we took him in and after some x-rays the ER doc determined it was nursemaid's elbow and just needed popped back into place. After a few tries, he couldn't get it in so he called in the orthopedist who got it. I'm just glad the room was small and there was only enough space for one parent. It meant Alex and I had to wait in the waiting room and I didn't have to witness Jackson's pain. Once they got it back in he was totally fine immediately and was using it again no problem.

The same time Jackson was in the UC, Alex had an appointment with the audiologist. He failed his hearing test in his left ear while he was still in the hospital, so they had us come back to repeat it. He failed again, so we have another appointment in January. If he fails AGAIN using the same method, they'll try a different method where they hook up electrodes to his head to see if there's any brain wave activity when they play the sounds. They think it could just be fluid in his ear causing him to fail up to this point. So we'll see.

Whew. I guess that's it! I'll try to not go as long between updates, but it is hard for me to remember and find the time. =)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alexander John Deiderich--he's here!

Yep, Alex has finally made his appearance.

Here's the short story. He arrived on Friday November 20th at 6:24 pm. I was 37 weeks, 5 days pregnant which made him 16 days early, and 11 days before his scheduled c-section. He weighed in at 7 pounds, 6 ounces (which is pretty big for his gestational age despite being very average for a full-term baby), and was 19 1/4" long with a 13 3/8" head. Aunt Sheila pointed out that at 6:24 pm Japan time, it was 4:24 am Ohio time, and Jackson was born at 4:24 pm. I think that's pretty cool!

So here's the whole story. I woke up at 0530 having contractions. They lasted until 0700 when I got out of bed, but they weren't regular. They got as close together as 4 minutes, but some where as far apart as 10 minutes. I was going to call the clinic when I got up, but then they stopped, so I didn't bother. They started up again around 0930, but were still pretty far apart and died out at around 1015. Then more contractions around 1045, and at 1110 I decided maybe I'd better pay close attention to how far apart they were. I timed them for 2 hours (which included a 10 minute walk to a restaurant for lunch, eating, then walking home). They were still inconsistent, but I called L&D anyways. I was told pretty much what I expected. "Wait until they're at regular intervals to come in." By 1415, they'd all been 4-5 minutes, so I knew it was time to get ready to go. I called Mike's work and told them to send him home. I was a little embarrassed since we'd just had a false alarm the day before and I didn't want them to think I was just trying to get him out of work. There was an exercise going on where they practice what to do if the base gets attacked, so I was getting him out of more than just normal work. I didn't want to be the wife who cried labor! Than at 1430 I called L&D and told them my contractions were 5 min apart for an hour and they told me they'd get a room ready for me. Then I finished packing my hospital bag and Jackson's bag for the sitter's house.

Mike got home from work around 1515, and while he was showering and changing, I walked Jackson over to Trysta's and dropped off him, his stuff, and Mike's keys (so she'd have a car with a carseat in it). We left for the hospital around 1530 and after driving through Burger King for Mike (who hadn't eaten basically all day), got to the hospital at 1545. They hooked me up to the monitor to watch Alex's heart rate and my contractions, and after 20 minutes, the doctor came and checked me. She said, "Yep, you're progressing, so we're going to go ahead and do it today." It wouldn't have been enough to admit me if we were planning a normal birth, but it was obvious I was in labor so there was no reason to not go ahead with the c-section. We were trying to avoid full on labor. That was at 1616.

Then everything started happening pretty quickly. Mike went back to the car to get my bag and pillow (which I didn't want to bring in the first time in case they sent me home) and the nurses and techs started getting me prepped for surgery. Hep lock in, catheter in, bed moved from non-stress test check-in room to LDRP (labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum) room, forms filled out and signed, jewelry off, etc. Then we got the talk from the anesthesiologist about risks of a spinal, what to expect, blah blah blah. Around 1800 they wheeled me to the O.R. and did my spinal. The dr. checked me then and I was 5cm dilated.

******Side note. Getting to 5cm with Alex was a totally different experience than getting to 5cm with Jackson. With Jackson I was on pitocin and thought I was going to die every time I had a contraction. With Alex I was still talking through my contractions and while they did hurt, I wouldn't have been asking for drugs yet if it'd been a regular delivery. In fact, I might've still been laboring at home. Major difference for sure!!!**********

Then they brought Mike back all dressed in scrubs and started cutting. They had to use the vacuum to guide Alex's head out the small incision they made. Other than that, it was pretty uneventful. I did have to be given Zofran at one point (anti-nausea med) but that was totally minor. Alex came out screaming bloody murder. And kept screaming the whole time he was in the OR. They cleaned him up and then took him and Mike back to the room while they finished sewing me up. His Apgar scores were 9 and 9, and they said they pretty much never give anyone a 10. And at first I thought he looked like my baby pictures, but I've recinded that thought. He looks like Jackson. Other than the full head of hair that Alex has vs. the NO hair until he was 1 1/2 that Jackson had, they could be twins.

I was back in the room by 1855 and Alex was still screaming. Well, actually Mike had gotten him calmed down from screaming and wailing to just crying really loudly. Once the nurses did what they had to do with me (about 5 minutes), Mike gave me Alex and I started nursing him. Then he was happy. He nursed easily right away and had a normal feeding session (20 min on each side). Then he was zonked. Guess it was pretty tiring for him. I tried to wake him up at 9 and 10 to feed him, but he wanted no part of that. He finally ate again around midnight.

Trysta brought Jackson to visit and he stayed for about 30 minutes before Mike took him home and put him to bed. He wasn't quite sure what to think, and I don't think he understands that the Baby Alex that was in Mommy's belly is the same Baby Alex that is in the bassinet. But I'm sure he'll figure it out.

Jackson visited all morning on Saturday and left at nap time. He spent some time getting in Alex's face or cuddling with me while I held him, but still kind of standoffish. Plus we had lots of other visitors, too. Also on Saturday when we were sure all of the anesthesia was completely worn off, I could safely say I can no longer feel my stent at all, which is pretty good news. (Still no definite plans on when that is coming out but I could care less now that it isn't making me miserable.)

We got discharged on Sunday afternoon. Alex has a little jaundice so we have to take him back to get labs drawn on Monday, but the doctor expects him to be fine. Of course there's the birth certificate, passport, social security card, etc. paperwork to do, too. We're very happy to be home, and everyone is perfectly healthy. I'm in a little more pain than I remember with Jackson, but I'm taking it easy. It's nothing unbearable, and I'm much happier now than I was 3 days ago. I'd rather be in pain that I can manage with Motrin and a little Percocet than have constant misery from the stent!

I know everyone is anxious for pictures, and I posted them on Facebook here. You should be able to see them with that link even if you don't have Facebook. And it's bedtime now (way past it probably!). I'm sure there will be lots of pictures to come, so keep an eye out for them.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jackson Video

Video of Daddy making Jackson dizzy. He LOVES it!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Alex Update

I had an appointment on Thursday with the OB. I'm 2cm dilated and 50% effaced, so it really could be any day. I'm having contractions and cramping that seem to be getting progressively worse. Nothing to send me to labor & delivery yet, but I have a feeling it's not far off. With Jackson I was 2cm & 50% on Tuesday afternoon and I went into full blown labor on Wednesday night. Although I didn't get a repeat performance with Alex, I'm sure his arrival is pending in the very near future. Well, hoping anyways.

Jackson's MRSA is back so he's been on antibiotics for that. They went ahead and tested me since there are precautions the nurses and doctors will have to take when I go for appointments if I'm positive. Also I'll be the second c-section of the day instead of the first if I'm still positive then. I'll find out results of the culture on Monday probably.

I've been sick with a cough and sore throat for a week, but I think I'm on the mend. No fever or other symptoms, which is good. Just an annoyance.

We had pictures taken today. I wanted to get them done ASAP while I'm still pregnant... because I'm hoping to not be pregnant much longer. =) I was going to upload them to picasa but you can only do them 5 at a time there and there are 53 total so that was going to take forever. They're on Facebook now (since I can bulk upload them there) and also photobucket (although I am seriously close to running out of space on there). If anyone wants any printed, let me know. The place we had them taken charges $20/sheet.
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